Photo Albums and USB/CD Cases

Photography albums comes in various designs and depending on one’s preference, they all are for keeps. To relive memories, to reminisce moments. We have amazing photo albums that we design ourselves including layouts. Our albums and USB Cases have outstanding workmanship as quality is one of the consideration if not the main one in creating it. We are proud to say that quality Photo Albums tailored to customer’s needs are what we make. 

A 7th Birthday celebration

Birthday celebrations are always a day to remember. Ohh and especially if they are kids’ birthday! Almost instantly, the occasion turns into a fun and exciting event thanks to the presence of jolly and playful kids. The amusement of adults alike coupled with their participation in the celebration makes the day an unforgettable one. Kakay’s 7th birthday celebration was a blast! It was all fun and everyone had a great laugh thanks in part to the amazing Magician who entertained not only the kids but everyone who came to be a part of Kakay’s wonderful celebration. Happy birthday again to you, Kakay. We’re pretty sure that you’ll turn into a fine young lady soon.