A 50th Birthday Celebration… Surprise!!!

The grand scheme. Consensus was reached. Deception, followed by secrets and lies. The accomplices, oh lots of them! The waiting game starts. Patience. Lurking behind the curtains. Peeping through the glass doors. The anticipation. The moment that everyone have been waiting for. Finally about to happen. The door was opened… “Surprise!!!!” Like a masterpiece stroke, everything went according to the plan in surprising an amazing individual with a celebration for her 50th Birthday. Kudos to everyone who joined hands in helping this plan to perfection, the celebrant was indeed surprised. With such great atmosphere, ambiance and foods and drinks to serve, it was a wonderful 50th Birthday celebration of all sorts. Loving family and friends came to gather and celebrate this special day. To Tita Liza, a happiest 50th birthday to you. Thanks to Shane and Dea for allowing Concept Imagery be a part of this delightful occasion. 

The Day: Mali & James Wedding

A budding romance between two individuals, who happen to met in the same workplace resulted in their tying-up-of-the-knot. Mali and James epitomizes the friendship and love, the unconditional support, the highs and the lows of a relationship. The “homies” were there, the “gangs” were present, the families and friends gathered to witness the vows between these amazing couple. There are moments to cherish when the time comes for them to be remembered and this special day is surely going to be one of those. To Mali and James, may you have a blissful time and loads of years of togetherness. Congratulations to both of you… Looking forward to the kiddos…

An Amazing 1st Birthday

We always love to cherish moments when it comes to celebrations involving loved ones especially our kids. An amazing party was held in North London to celebrate the 1st birthday of Amelie. Folks and family friends gathered around to take part in this special occasion. Oh and the kids love the magic and stuff performed by the magician. The vibe, the atmosphere, the colours.. What a fantastic day to be able to attend this event. To Amelie, happy 1st birthday to you little angel. 

A Prelude to Wedding Shoot at Hampstead Pergola and Hill Gardens

We met Mali and James and everybody just clicked with each other. The day of the shoot was actually the first time we saw them. As one of Concept Imagery’s mantra, we always love collaborating and interacting with people. We love conversation from different and varied topics; basically just anything under the sun and moon. We love hearing people’s views and opinions and at the same time, we also love sharing our humble knowledge and experiences. A quiet and cozy place at an Italian Pasta Cafe in Paddington and a beautiful hidden garden right at Hampstead Heath, London were the locations of this photoshoot. Magnificent and historic place, Pergola Gardens is dubbed London’s best kept secret place. We saw some couples and individuals doing photoshoot as well so indeed, this place is a haven for on - location shoots.