Ara is now a Lady - 18th Birthday Celebration

Concept Imagery traveled to the town of Aldershot in Hampshire about 40 miles southwest of London to cover the 18th birthday celebration of an amazing young lady. Beautiful people, great food and fantastic event. The event included the traditional “18 roses”; where 18 male individuals give a rose each to the celebrant and do a waltz dance together each time. There’s also this “18 candles”; this time it’s the turn of the female friends/acquaintances that brings a lighted candle and say a wish or two to the celebrant. That’s not all, as there’s the “18 gifts” usually taken part by 18 families or anyone who gives each 18 gift to the celebrant. Traditionally speaking, there are quite a few things that happen in an 18th birthday celebration. All of these bring fun, enjoyment, tears (mostly happens during the speeches), and smile and laughter to everyone celebrating the event.

The Wedding Day - Ren & Remi

We traveled to Nottingham in the historic county of Nottinghamshire, England. From the folklore of Robin Hood to the scenic beauty of the countryside including the well-preserved Nottingham Castle; the place is just a get-away haven for tourists and adventurers alike. But let’s cut the chase and focus on why we went there in the first place. That is to be a part of the special day of Ren and Remi. Tying the knot is absolutely a fantastic event and a celebration to behold. The wedding was a little solemn, and yeah with emotional parts as well but the mood was just a happy and vibrant people contribute to the great atmosphere throughout. Best wishes once again to the lovely couple!

A Central London Pre-Wedding photoshoot

What a fun day! We did the pre-wedding shoot of a lovely couple from Nottingham. We had an amazing time. With the beautiful landmarks of London such as Buckingham Palace, London Eye and Elizabeth Tower (formerly known as Big Ben) as backdrops for most of the shoot, the shoot turned out to be fun and and amazing and tiring; not because of the shoot itself but because of the “long walks”, (need to pump up and do some exercises soon I suppose). To Ren and Remi, thanks a bunch and we’ll see you next on your wedding day!